Time = The Most Important Asset You Have

I am writing this piece because I can think of nothing I value or appreciate more in life than time — simply because you can’t buy time, gain more time based on status, or bank time. You get what time you get. And, in the overall scheme of things, none of us are given much.

Perceptually, there’s nothing more off-putting than working with a business owner or leader, who says,“I’m too busy to do something;” or “I don’t have time!” What he or she is really saying in those moments is either, “I am not in control of my schedule;” OR “My schedule controls me.” And that’s just unacceptable. As a CEO or owner of a company, YOU run your calendar. YOU are the one in control. If you want to make the time, and make something a priority, you will. It’s that simple.

If you find yourself struggling with effective time management and are constantly putting aside key tasks, then it’s time to start getting real with yourself, your clients, and your company. It’s time to contact I’M NOT MAD AT YOU, Consulting.

When leaders are always starved for time and act “too busy,” it sends the wrong message to internal staff and external clients alike. When people cancel meetings, appointments, and calls due to poor time management, it’s a bad reflection on the individuals who are supposedly “in charge,” and the companies they represent. The consequences of being “too busy” reach further than you think, impacting the business on multiple levels, and even your health.

In 2005, my cousin, Jim Wilkinson, who was serving as a Senior Advisor for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice relayed a message/request that Dr. Rice asked each of her staff members.
The three requests were that each day staff members would: “Eat three good meals, get a good night’s rest, and exercise.” That message truly resonated with me. Here she was, one of the most powerful and busy humans in the world, speaking to an elite team tasked with the business of basically running it…and they were making time for themselves!

Soon after my cousin relayed that message, I had the honor of meeting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The generosity of her time cannot be overstated. It mattered to her to meet her staff member’s families and thus, she took time out to meet me. She made that meeting a priority and even placed it on her calendar. Though I doubt our meeting was held at the expense of some global cause, I am quite sure that there were other, more important things she could have been doing at that time. The point is…we all have time to do the things we make a priority.

Time management is about spending your time, energy, and talent in meaningful ways. Business leaders who work with I’M NOT MAD AT YOU are often seeking to do just that. They know something has to change to help them gain control over their companies, their personal lives, and their productivity, but they’re having trouble doing what needs to be done. We help leaders identify areas where they are wasting time and not maximizing their efforts.

It’s very important to define your ultimate outcome or goals when managing your schedule and budgeting your time. If you have goals for every area of your life and business, then you always have focus on where and how your time should be spent. If you don’t clearly define or set your goals, the more aimless you will be in managing your time. At I’M NOT MAD AT YOU, we help business leaders get very specific about their goals, and thus, get very specific about how they spend their time. When you work with us, we partner with you to be the best stewards of your time by helping you define both business and life goals and finding ways to seamlessly bring them all into balance and alignment.

As a business owner myself, I apply the same methods of time management that I teach my clients. I structure my days so I can “do life” and my job at the same time. I’m very likely to be checking my email in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or out on the golf course with my friends. The success of others is my success too. In this sense, I’m not “doing work” by taking that business call or responding to an email; I’m investing valuable time in furthering the growth of my business and life goals of making people and companies better. Much like you, my cup is full – my life is BUSY! Yet, I fit in the errands, the workouts, and my obligations because I value the successful management of my time above all else.

Chances are, you’re already painfully aware that life is short, and time matters! Consulting with I’M NOT MAD AT YOU is time well-spent. Our feedback reflects your strengths back to you and bridges the gap between what you’d like to be doing and what you’re actually doing. Through proven methods, we help you discover where you’re going off the rails and how to get back on a track that is in line with your goals. You cannot achieve time management by learning some mysterious “practice” – but, rather, in discipline, habits, and process when working with consultants who invigorate you to reach your full potential and remain disciplined in ruling your own time. Are you too busy to start doing the work your company should really be doing? I doubt it…make some time to call us.