• Consulting and coaching designed to help executives drive better decisions and maximize performance throughout the organization
  • Develop and strengthen capabilities of high-potential performers
  • Clearly define corporate culture to execute against company vision, mission and strategies
  • Succession planning to build stronger leadership Teams
  • Provide safe and unbiased sounding board to aide with key decisions and tactics
  • Department job shadowing to understand and create standard operating procedures & best practices
  • Company audit including W.A.T. interviews to quickly assess organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats
  • Financial review to create strategies for long-term sustainable and scalable success
  • Human resource assistance to prevent fixed cost increases for small organizations
  • Motivate individuals and organizations by sharing inspirational and encouraging stories spanning from athletic achievement to successfully navigating a corporate career and the lessons learned along the way
  • Guidance to assist in achieving personal goals related to:
    • Career development and strategies for success
    • Personal Issue Resolution
    • Health and Fitness Goals
  • Boost sales performance to achieve sales targets and goals as well as key metrics vital to success
  • Create sustainable and scalable tools and resources to outperform the competition
  • Assist in refining and developing methods to acquire new business
  • Relationship and rapport building exercises to maintain and strengthen key accounts
  • Help foster inter-departmental cohesion
  • Determine scalability, sustainability, and profitability
  • Determine product/service demand
  • Design, branding, and market development
  • Determine best retail partners for product and trade budget available
  • Ensure 4 steps to successful product development are met:
    • Discovery and product validation
    • Product strategy
    • Product development
    • Testing
  • Develop vision and mission statements
  • Assess market conditions and business viability
  • Strategy to take products and services to market
  • Help identify strategic objectives, tactics, and plans
  • Identify best go-to-market partnerships
  • Help create, develop and implement go-to-market plans, tactics, and roadmaps