I'M NOT MAD AT YOU helped increase net income by 645% in one year.


When we started collaborating with I’M NOT MAD AT YOU Consulting in June 2021, our company was already successful but lacked some basic fundamentals, including having a P&L in place. We knew we needed to take our business to the next level by implementing processes, systems, and procedures, as well as delegating tasks to focus on sales and long-term vision. Additionally, we desired someone to hold us accountable and provide guidance.

I’M NOT MAD AT YOU Consulting swiftly addressed our needs to create a comprehensive P&L with just three weeks of working together. This became a game-changer, allowing us to uncover valuable areas of opportunity. They guided us in implementing a streamlined PO system for improved invoicing and introduced us to the project management tool, Wryke. Their expertise also proved instrumental in restructuring our company to maximize personnel and staffing.

One of the most significant impacts was the enhanced profitability achieved through their guidance. With their help, we established an ROI by job, enabling us to analyze profitability at a micro level rather than relying solely on a macro view. The results were astounding. In 2022, our net income increased by an incredible 645% compared to the previous year, marking it as our most successful year in the 15-year history of our business.

What sets I’M NOT MAD AT YOU Consulting apart is their honesty and direct approach. From day one, they provided real talk and jumped right into improving our company. Unlike other consulting firms that often take months to assess before starting, or require extensive reading of courses or books, they were proactive from the start. Stacey, our consultant, made us feel like we had a true teammate to help solve the problems that we previously face alone. She held us accountable without judgment, creating an environment that encouraged growth and progress.


I’M NOT MAD AT YOU® helps companies, employees, and business leaders identify challenges and improve day-to-day operations within their organization. Led by Founder & Chief Belief Officer Stacey Bullman, the firm serves as a change agent to enact business transformations that maximize performance and improve bottom-line profits. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.