I’M NOT MAD AT YOU alleviated 600 hours (15 weeks!) of productivity to be used more effectively in the company.

Razor Rank is a full-service digital marketing firm. In just a few years, the company’s offerings have rapidly expanded from the efforts of a handful of technical SEO consultants to a full menu of service solutions including content marketing, SEO, social media, and expert consulting aimed at increasing online visibility, traffic, lead generation, and revenue.


During the company’s tremendous growth phase, the company’s leadership spent most of their time managing clients and day-to-day operations leaving employees without consistent feedback or clear standard operating procedures to guide them. As a result, the staff had a difficult time managing its responsibilities with insufficient leadership interaction. These challenges caused projects to stall, creating frustration for employees, clients, and leadership alike.

I’M NOT MAD AT YOU LLC® conducted an internal audit of Razor Rank’s management practices, organizational structure, and growth strategies. The audit included job shadowing every position in the company, conducting one-on-one, confidential Wheels Assessment Training (W.A.T.) interviews with all employees, and a full financial review of the company.

The following attributes were measured and reviewed during W.A.T. interviews:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Employee Morale
  • Training & Development
  • Trust & Transparency
  • Climate/Environment
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Company Culture

Based on the result of the W.A.T., I’M NOT MAD AT YOU determined that leadership, training and development, and company culture were the primary areas to focus on for sustainability and scalability at Razor Rank.


I’M NOT MAD AT YOU revealed several issues that were interfering with company productivity and impeding further growth. A significant amount of time was being lost due to the current structure of regular internal meetings. We recommended eliminating a portion of those meetings to help solve some of the bandwidth challenges noted by staff. By reducing the meetings to one time per week, we alleviated 600 hours, or 15 weeks, to be used more productively in the company. New project management tools were introduced to improve core efficiencies and profitability. We also implemented repeatable and reliable standard operating processes that did not require senior management oversight. Finally, the company partners committed to creating a more formalized training program that would encourage more autonomy for staff in their dealings with clients. All of these steps were enacted to help empower every member of the team in a sustainable way, freeing up leadership to get back to the business of expansion.


Since working with I’M NOT MAD AT YOU, productivity and morale has greatly improved at Razor Rank. A training committee was formed and continues to develop internal training materials, workshops, and formal operating procedures. Knowledge is shared among staff, and a culture of excitement and learning has emerged. For the first time, the team has a better understanding of the meaning of company culture and how they are helping shape it. New policies and procedures have been implemented and refined, and staff are consultants are thriving with more confidence and greater competence than ever. Lastly, leadership is functioning with more patience and greater efficiency. Staff reports that the partners are more available and engaged with the day-to-day work of the team, while also being able to focus their energy on scaling up for the future.

“The process Stacey implemented was great. Initially, she met with each employee for 1-2 hours and went through a W.A.T. interview. She repeated this interview with each partner for 2-4 hours, but asked us to answer the questions two ways – first, how do we (the partners) think the company is doing in that area, and second, how do we think the team will rank us in that area. Next, she compiled all of the responses, keeping individual anonymity.  She presented the W.A.T. results with the partners in great detail,” said Jason Campbell Manuel, President, Razor Rank. “Later that week, she presented the overall findings to the entire team, and we all talked about what the partners and the company would be working on to move us forward into our next phase of growth.  At the end of our time with Stacey, everyone felt heard, empowered, and excited about the future.”

Jason Campbell Manuel, President of Razor Rank


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