I'M NOT MAD AT YOU dove deep into financial analysis to protect their client from a 7.5% distortion in sales revenue.

The Pooch Patio has been the “ulti-mutt” place to sit, stay and play for Dallas pets since 2005, providing Dallas’s most pampered pups with an array of “paws-itively” luxurious services including doggie day care, boarding, professional grooming, full service baths, dog parties, a retail boutique and more.ore.


For over three years, I’M NOT MAD AT YOU has assisted The Pooch Patio with a comprehensive soundboarding program that supports leadership with key decision making by developing breakthrough solutions and providing unbiased feedback. By working with I’M NOT MAD AT YOU, The Pooch Patio experienced a 52% growth in sales revenue and 261% growth in profit margin in 2018, compared to the previous year.

Due to this success, The Pooch Patio entrusted I’M NOT MAD AT YOU with soundboarding for the following year. As part of a successful soundboarding program, I’M NOT MAD AT YOU provided The Pooch Patio with monthly financial overviews in order to effectively identify untapped areas of opportunity.

This time, in addition to finding opportunities, the I’M NOT MAD AT YOU team also flagged an area of potential risk.

During the financial analysis portion of the I’M NOT MAD AT YOU team noticed that the sales revenue calculated during the profit & loss analysis were inconsistent with the statements provided by The Pooch Patio’s contracted finance team. Rather than ignore the discrepancy, the I’M NOT MAD AT YOU team double and triple checked the math until they could confidently confirm that further investigation was necessary.


I’M NOT MAD AT YOU flagged a discrepancy in the financial statements provided by The Pooch Patio’s finance team. Once it was mathematically established that further investigation was necessary, Stacey Bullman, chief belief officer of I’M NOT MAD AT YOU, stepped in as a mediator between The Pooch Patio and their bookkeeper.

As an unbiased third party, I’M NOT MAD AT YOU was able to provide factual and accurate information regarding the status of the financial statements, which helped facilitate interactions between leadership and the finance team.

I’M NOT MAD AT YOU ultimately recommended an experienced CPA be contracted for an official audit. The CPA corroborated the 7.5% discrepancy in real versus reported sales revenue.


Due to the vigilance and expert guidance of I’M NOT MAD AT YOU consulting, The Pooch Patio identified a 7.5% discrepancy in their sales revenue. Not only did this allow them to correct their financial statements to accurately represent their sales figures, but it also protected them from potential legal implications further down the road.

I’M NOT MAD AT YOU took on the task of combing through financial statements and mediating discussions with the contracted finance team so that the leadership team at The Pooch Patio could have time to focus on making their business better and generating revenue.

The support provided by I’M NOT MAD AT YOU allowed The Pooch Patio to reconcile an error that they would have otherwise been blind to and effectively saved the team time and money by catching the mistake early.

With this peace of mind, leadership at The Pooch Patio was able to proceed with confidence in their business.

“I wanted to be sure that all of our operational, financial, management and employee challenges were addressed ahead of moving into a space three times the size of our current location,” said April Prohaska, Owner and Found of The Pooch Patio. “By implementing I’M NOT MAD AT YOU’s recommendations we were able to significantly increase sales and morale. Her honest, straight- forward approach was insightful, eye opening, and efficient. Her consulting services paid for itself and we have made that investment back in spades. This was one of the best business decisions we made since we opened.”


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