CEO Soundboarding helped the company increase annual sales 59% and increase net income 527% vs previous year.



Modern Rebel is a forward-thinking event planning company serving the unique needs of a generation, rewriting the rules of weddings by emphasizing authenticity, fun, and the health of love and partnerships. It’s strong brand presence and visionary leadership led to overwhelming growth within the first few years of business. Despite the success of the company, the 27-year-old founder, Amy Shack Egan, realized she needed expert guidance to protect the business from potential pitfalls as well as push the company to greater heights.


After a thorough search, in June 2019, Modern Rebel partnered with I’M NOT MAD AT YOU Consulting to begin the process of becoming BETTER.

Shack Egan knew she wanted to hire a business coach and consultant. However, the two companies felt it was best to complete a comprehensive assessment prior to launching a sound boarding relationship that would thrive and produce results for long-term success.

I’M NOT MAD AT YOU traveled to Modern Rebel headquarters in Brooklyn, New York to conduct the 360° Company Assessment.

The assessment included I’M NOT MAD AT YOU’s exclusive Wheels Assessment Tool (W.A.T) interviews with all staff members and leadership, review of business operations, and a comprehensive two-year financial analysis. While the business structure was solid, I’M NOT MAD AT YOU designed a custom roadmap that identified strategies and tactics to help Modern Rebel navigate the organizational challenges of rapid growth, and push the company to the next level of success.

Following the 360° Company Assessment, which took only two weeks, Modern Rebel immediately signed on for CEO SoundBoarding services to assist with key decision making, idea concepting, monthly financial analysis, day-to-day business challenges, and most importantly, provide accountability and support in a safe place to ensure maximum output for Modern Rebel and Shack Egan.


CEO SoundBoarding with I’M NOT MAD AT YOU, provides a unique hybrid between business consulting and performance coaching. I’M NOT MAD AT YOU works one-on-one with leadership creating space and fluidity to provide the services needed in an on-demand environment. Modern Rebel and I’M NOT MAD AT YOU began the CEO SoundBoarding Program by creating specific targets and goals to define success.


Build Modern Rebel Message Map 
-Create scalable and sustainable brand content
-Tell the Modern Rebel story and clearly establish the “why”

Document and Build Standard Operating Procedures for Modern Rebel
-Review procedures and build process to ensure Modern Rebel standards

Maximize Financial Results
-Business development
-Pricing structure and competitive market analysis

Build “Concept X” Pitch Deck
-Message Map
-Advanced market research
-Focus group analysis
-Pro Forma Financials
-Revenue simulator
-Role play and practice pitch

Sound Board Day-To-Day Operational Challenges
-Unbiased help with personnel and key management decisions
-Brainstorm and idea 
-Support and “safe” place for a leader to vent frustrations and challenges


Within days of beginning soundboarding services with I’M NOT MAD AT YOU, Modern Rebel could feel the impact of working with an experienced consulting firm that brought 25,000 hours of experience to the table, but the results were even more staggering than they imagined.


● Modern Rebel Message Map Complete

● Modern Rebel Standard Operating Procedures Complete

● Concept “X” Version 1.0 Pitch Deck Complete

● Established 2020 Sales Goals including Sales Forecast with marketing tactics and strategies


Modern Rebel experienced extraordinary financial and organizational success. Shackleford’s consistent vision, frequent communication, along with the I’M NOT MAD AT YOU process, helped Modern Rebel thrive.

Annual Sales Increased 59% vs. Previous Year
Increased Net Income 527% vs. Previous Year
266% Return On Investment
Built a Foundation of Support and Trust
Prepared for Future Endeavors

Throughout the SoundBoarding process, financials were reviewed utilizing the proprietary revenue analysis tool and revenue simulator to assist Modern Rebel with decisions on how and where to best spend their dollars. Additionally, time was allocated brainstorming business development and process ideas in order to sustainably expand the Modern Rebel mission. Even though the “Concept X” pitch deck was completed in the first 90 days, Shack Egan and I’M NOT MAD AT YOU patiently continued to work on the concept, spending valuable time monitoring market conditions and the changing nature of business. This additional effort allowed for Modern Rebel and Shack Egan to be prepared for whatever the future may hold.

CEO SoundBoarding provided experienced business consulting as well as valuable performance coaching to push Modern Rebel to the next level of success. The company has been able to successfully execute its vision of building positive healthy relationships far into the future and allowed Amy Shack Egan to take her business to even greater heights while continuing to rewrite the rules!

“Stacey has a unique knack for cutting through the noise and finding a company’s pain point. She very quickly found my pain points and created a simple step by step approach to tackling those pain points. She uses real data. She got to know my numbers, my team, and myself. We don’t agree on everything and that’s the brilliance – she challenges me. I’M NOT MAD AT YOU has given me more confidence as a business owner by knowing my numbers, my strengths, and my weaknesses. I know I have a true advocate in Stacey, and I have someone invested in the future success of my company and my work as an entrepreneur.”

-Amy Shack Egan


I’M NOT MAD AT YOU® was created to help companies, its employees and leaders identify their challenges, address their problems and inspire businesses and people to be BETTER. Led by its Founder & Chief Belief Officer Stacey Bullman, the firm serves as a change agent – a hybrid between a business consultant and a performance coach – to enact business transformations that maximize performance and improve the bottom-line. In order to help companies and people overcome obstacles, hurdles or challenges, you must begin with brutal honesty to clearly define any obstacles that stand in the way. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.