Professional coaching helped Celena Baldwin to close 100% more key accounts in 2018 than the prior year which led to earning her highest annual compensation to date.


For 14 years, Celena Baldwin has helped companies improve employee health in a variety of positions. She has worked as a health educator, health fair coordinator, newsletter publisher, strategist and sales manager. In her current sales role, she found herself struggling to find motivation to create a sales plan roadmap that would accomplish her growth goals for 2018. 


Celena reached out to Stacey Bullman, Chief Belief Officer at I’M NOT MAD AT YOU LLC® — a business consulting and coaching firm to help her do something different than she had in the first three years she worked for her current employer. Stacey reviewed Celena’s efforts from the past, analyzed the results, and reviewed her system for managing and tracking potential clients and leads. The first thing Stacey did was help build a system for Celena to track, manage and follow up with leads. Additionally, she helped Celena create a sales plan that included strategies and tactics to not only create goals but also include stretch goals for maximizing motivation. 



With the new system and plan implemented, Celena has met her 2018 sales plan goals within the first eight months of 2018. Celena will not only exceed this year’s sales goal, but is on target to reach her stretch goal and receive her highest annual compensation to date. Additionally, Celena closed 100% more key accounts in 2018 than she had in the previous year.

“For a person who prides herself on finding resolutions to challenges and creating win-win situations, finding myself in this position was humbling. I am so grateful to have partnered with Stacey because she understood my challenges very well,” said Celena Baldwin. “Her honest, no nonsense, direct approach was exactly what I needed. She helped me get organized, motivated and re-energized. The PROCESS she helped me implement was the key for me to manage my pipeline effectively and efficiently. I cannot recommend Stacey or I’M NOT MAD AT YOU enough!” 


I’M NOT MAD AT YOU® was created to help companies, its employees and leaders identify their challenges, address their problems and inspire businesses and people to be BETTER. Led by its Founder & Chief Belief Officer Stacey Bullman, the firm serves as a change agent – a hybrid between a business consultant and a performance coach – to enact business transformations that maximize performance and improve the bottom-line. In order to help companies and people overcome obstacles, hurdles or challenges, you must begin with brutal honesty to clearly define any obstacles that stand in the way. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.