I’M NOT MAD AT YOU addressed family dynamic challenges, facilitating a forecasted revenue growth of 1000%

Evolve Pro Solutions is a manufacturer of industry-leading odor elimination products and a distributor of an ever-growing selection of cleaning products to keep their customers happy and healthy.


In February 2020, Evolve Pro Solutions reached out to I’M NOT MAD AT YOU to address family dynamic issues that were disrupting company culture and preventing Evolve Pro Solutions from reaching their full potential as an odor elimination and cleaning solutions supplier.

Family dynamic issues are not rare. According to the Harvard Business Review, only 10% of family businesses survive to be passed down to the 3rd generation. Evolve Pro Solutions faced many of the challenges that regularly plague family-owned businesses: boundary-setting, expectations, and pre-existing family patterns that affect neutral decision-making.

These challenges had come to a head and both the business and the family sought out I’M NOT MAD AT YOU as a neutral unbiased third party to assess Evolve Pro Solutions to find out how to make the company and family better. Within the first 30 days I’M NOT MAD AT YOU identified three key challenges:

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership and Business Development
  • Succession planning


addressed family dynamic challenges that were disrupting company culture and preventing Evolve Pro Solutions from reaching their full potential.


Stacey Bullman, chief belief officer and founder at I’M NOT MAD AT YOU Consulting, stepped in as a fractional CEO to implement new processes and expectations to optimize each family member’s strengths.

I’M NOT MAD AT YOU addressed communication issues by using a W.A.T. assessment that quickly delineated the company challenges. This was then cross-referenced with a DISC assessment that provided a common language to discuss behavioral differences and increased the self-awareness of each team member.

These evaluations allowed I’M NOT MAD AT YOU to quantify otherwise subjective characteristics and provided neutral and objective reasoning for the company’s decision-making process.

Leadership models that prioritize effective communication were then created based off of this assessment and workload was divided to accurately reflect each individual’s talents and tendencies. The W.A.T. assessment also facilitated frank and open discussions about succession planning.

Management and leadership were addressed via CEO soundboarding and the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). CEO soundboarding expanded the capabilities of the company’s leaders and allowed for creative problem-solving and solutions, while SOPs standardized all positions in order to neutrally assess competencies and create expectations for future hires.


In the words of co-owner Mike Cole, “I’M NOT MAD AT YOU made me a stronger leader.”

By instituting a culture of clear boundary setting and communication, I’M NOT MAD AT YOU allowed every member of Evolve Pro Solutions to work together “efficiently, better, and more harmoniously.”

This allowed the family-owned business to take the energy that was tied up in internal conflicts and direct it towards growth opportunities. Mike Cole confirms that due to Stacey’s investment in seeing the family work as a team, the office has become a friendlier and healthier environment.

His time can now be spent pursuing the expansion of the business, where I’M NOT MAD AT YOU found opportunities that are forecasted to generate 1000% growth in 18 months.

The signature processes that I’M NOT MAD AT YOU brought to Evolve Pro Solution’s unique situation made this family business better by addressing family dynamic issues and preparing the team for rapid and sustainable growth.

“I’M NOT MAD AT YOU not only allowed every member of Evolve Pro Solutions to work together efficiently, better, and more harmoniously, but they made me a stronger leader. They provided new, actionable ideas that would otherwise remain unexplored and gave us projections, goals, and numbers to hit.”


I’M NOT MAD AT YOU® was created to help companies, its employees and leaders identify their challenges, address their problems and inspire businesses and people to be BETTER. Led by its Founder & Chief Belief Officer Stacey Bullman, the firm serves as a change agent – a hybrid between a business consultant and a performance coach – to enact business transformations that maximize performance and improve the bottom-line. In order to help companies and people overcome obstacles, hurdles or challenges, you must begin with brutal honesty to clearly define any obstacles that stand in the way. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.